Nano-Bible created at the Technion, and given to Pope Bendedict XVl
by President Shimon Perez during his visit to Israel.


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The mission of our association is to raise funds for the TECHNION - ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY IN HAIFA in order for it to remain among the world's best universities, maintain its leading role in science and technology and being able to continue to contribute to the well-being of Israel and humanity. We are as well the link between the Technion and the local universities and local research and educational institutions.


Here you will find current
information about us

Here you will find current
information about the Technion

New Technion President

After 10 years as president, Prof. Peretz Lavie has handed over the presidency to Prof. Uri Sivan.
We congratulate Peretz for a very dedicated and successful presidency and are looking very much forward to work with Uri.


-> A self-disinfecting, (https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/israeli-researchers-develop-self-disinfecting-mask-amid-coronavirus-629203) reusable protective mask that can kill viruses when a layer of carbon filters is heated using a USB charger. Global media sources have recently lauded this innovation, and a patent application has been submitted in the United States.
-> Maya, an antiviral protective sticker developed together with the Israel Ministry of Defense and the Galilee Medical Center. Maya can easily be affixed to any surgical mask, immediately improving protection while reducing the risk of infection.
-> Co-Robot, (https://www.israel21c.org/student-built-robot-to-help-battle-corona-in-hospital/) a robot that can shuttle medical supplies and patients requirements to and from coronavirus wards, reducing medical staffs exposure. Invented by students and alumni of the FIRST Robotics program, Co-Robot first debuted in the halls of Rambam Health Care Campus.
-> A disinfectant thats more effective than bleach. The disinfectant releases virus-defeating agents that protect surfaces for months, which could be a gamechanger in the quest to safely open schools, restaurants, transportation systems, and other public places.
-> A test for COVID-19 that relies on pooling multiple samples. Able to test up to 64 patients samples simultaneously, the technology is being finalized and should be available this winter.

Bequest/Testamentary Legacy

Each person can dispose of his or her fortune after death by testament. Part of the fortune can be dedicated to good purposes, e.g. to support charitable organizations. Thus, the person making dispositions already knows during his or her lifetime that the fortune will one day be put to beneficial use. The easiest way is to dispose of a fixed sum of money in favor a charitable organization. In this case one speaks of a bequest / legacy.
It is important to know which relatives are entitled by law to what share of the fortune in order not to violate any forced heirship rights. For example, persons with direct descendants may leave assets by testament to charitable organizations or foundations of their choice within the freely available quota.
A bequest can easily be left by a handwritten testament. This is the most cost-effective form of a testamentary disposition. A public will, however, must be authenticated by a notary public in the presence of two witnesses. For a handwritten will to be valid, the following formalities must be observed:
Formalities for handwritten testament
• Written by hand from beginning to end
• Place and date inserted
• Signature affixed

The handwritten testament with bequest may look like this:
Template for a handwritten testament
I, Anna Sample, born June 30, 1950, makes the following testament:
1. I donate the amount of CHF 100 000.- to the non-profit organization "Schweizer Technion Gesellschaft" in Zurich.
2. My remaining property shall go to my legal heirs in accordance with the law.
3. As the executor, I appoint XYZ.
Zurich, June 30, 2018
Signature of Anna Sample

In complex cases or when inheritance counseling is needed, e.g. upon conclusion of a contract of inheritance, a specialist should be consulted, such as for example, lawyers, notaries and specifically trained lawyers or relevant professionals at banks or fiduciary firms. The board member Dr. Edgar Paltzer can arrange such advice. In Switzerland the notaries are responsible for the notarization of a public will.

Some facts and figures

- FIRST University of Israel, founded in 1912
- TWO university campuses with joint ventures abroad (New York, USA and Guangdong, China)
- FOUR Nobel Prize winners
- 6th PLACE in the worldwide M.I.T.-comparison on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- 7th PLACE in the Bloomberg comparison regarding number of CEO's in US technology companies worth $1 billion plus
- 54% of industrial exports from Israel come from companies led by Technion graduates
- 13'800 STUDENTS
- 18 FACULTIES including Medicine
- AZILECT, the world's most important treatment for Parkinson's disease, was developed at Technion together with TEVA


... the Guandong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) has been inaugurated 2017.The project is the result of a historic partnership between the Li Ka Shing Foundation, the provincial government of Guangdong, the Shantou municipal government and the Technion in Haifa. The ceremony took place on the premises of the GTIIT Campus in the presence of Li Ka-Shing, who developed the idea, Technion President Peretz Lavie and the mayors of Shantou and Haifa. Also present were Nadav Cohen, Israeli Consul General in Guangzhou, Ahuva Spieler , Consul General for Hong Kong, and other guests from all over the world. GTIIT was founded to educate an elite of scientists and engineers who will influence China and the world, especially on environmental issues. Cooperation between Shantou University and the Technion is also to be promoted. The new GTIIT campus covers 100,000,000 square meters and includes 13 buildings, 29 classrooms, 14 learning laboratories and 55 research laboratories. Six buildings serve as dormitories for students. By 2036, the student population is expected to grow to around 500 people, including around 1000 graduates. Accordingly, the Institute will gradually expand from today's 100,000,000 to 400,000 square meters.

The people behind the Swiss Technion Society

Dr. Angelica Kohlmann, President

Anat Bar-Gera, Member of the Executive Board
Dr. Robert Bloch, Member of the Executive Board
Daniel Gutenberg, Member of the Executive Board
PD Dr. Victor Hofmann, Member of the Executive Board
Dr. Thomas Ladner, Member of the Executive Board

Eduard Rosenstein, National Development Director